80, 90 Quattro inc Avant (1983-1992) S2 Coupe B3 (1991-1996)

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1. Find the sleeve number on the diagram.

2. The numbers can be found in the name and description of the goods.

3. In case of problems with the selection, please contact us.

  • PFF3-101 Fits 37mm Pressed Front Arms
  • PFF3-102 Fits 45mm Cast Front Arms
  • PFF3-104 and PFF3-105 Only Fit Up To 1992 Chassis Number 8A-N-200-000
  • PFF3-106-21.5 Fits models where there is no link rod between the anti roll bar and control arm.
  • PFR3-1011-21 / 23.5 / 25 Front anti roll bar mounts are tear drop shaped
  • PFF3-120-10 and PFF3-121-10 fit vehicles with 10mm mounting bolts, vehicles with 12mm bolts use PFF3-120-12 and PFF3-121-12