Proportioning Valves

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Adjust the brake balance with the brake force equalizer

Braking is an essential activity when driving a car in everyday life and on the track. The braking system is the absolute basis of a solidly constructed car. The distribution of the braking force allows for faster braking and helps to position the car in front of the bend, which translates into better results.

A large selection of concealers and line locks

The device that will enable such distribution, on the front and rear axle, in a rally car is the brake force corrector. Line Lock is used to completely block the flow of brake fluid to the calipers. We have brake force correctors that are adjustable with a knob or a lever.

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On our shelves you will find brake force correctors and Line Locks from the world's best manufacturers such as: AP Racing, Tilton, RRS, OBP and QSP. If you have any questions for us, please contact us , we will help you choose the right corrector. You might also be interested in hydraulic hand brakes and copper pipe and fittings .

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