Master Cylinders

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An efficient braking system is essential. One of the most important elements of the braking system is the master cylinder. Its operation is based on the fact that as a result of pressing the brake pedal, the pump tightens, causing the pressure of the brake fluid to increase and it is forced into the brake lines. The end result is, of course, efficient and quick braking. A solid brake master cylinder is therefore the basis for an efficient car, including a rally car.

Piston pumps are the most commonly sold on the market. Their construction is simple and operation is sufficient to achieve the intended effects.

The master cylinder wears out

In the brake pump, the seals are most often reduced. This is the result of repetitive activities and high pressure forces acting on individual elements. Leaking fluid reduces the effectiveness of the brakes, damages the mechanisms close to the pump and destroys painted elements and leads to cracking of rubber membranes.

Should I replace the master cylinder myself?

Unless you're a mechanic with the right tools, it's better to have your car's master cylinder changed at a workshop where the entire system will also be bled and filled with new brake fluid.

Brake master cylinders with different piston diameters

We have brake pumps with or without an expansion tank, thanks to which the brake pump is tailored to the individual needs of the driver. Master cylinders have different piston diameters and threads. At Inter-Rally, we have a wide selection of brake master cylinders of various diameters and threads, which allows you to choose the right pump for almost any car model. So take advantage of our offer!

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