Hydraulic Handbrake Kit

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hydrauliczny ręczny (hydrołapa)

Take tight turns efficiently

In every field of motorsport, speed and endurance count. In addition, therefore, an efficient braking system is also needed, including a hydraulic handbrake (hydrocatcher) . At Inter-Rally you will find complete kits for assembling one of the most important parts of the car, which is the hydraulic handbrake. Abrupt emergency braking or stopping the car from rolling down a hill is provided by a hydraulic handbrake. The efficient hydraulic handbrake also helps you negotiate tight turns and hairpins quickly. The hydraulic handbrake is an essential piece of equipment for every rally car.

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We have a wide range of products for the braking system, including handbrakes from IRP , OBP , QSP and RRS manufacturers. Various levers, pumps, brake force correctors. Sets in various configurations, from simple basic to sophisticated and more professional. We offer vertical , horizontal and 45° levers, lengths from 280mm to 600mm . Master cylinders with different piston diameters: 0.625 , 0.700 and 0.750 . Brake force correctors with knob or lever. We enable any configuration of sets at the individual request of the customer.

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If you have any questions for us, please contact us . We will help you choose the right hydraulic handbrake. Also check the brake boosters .

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