CL Brake Pads

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High-performance brake pads of the highest quality

Carbone Lorraine brake pads have been developed based on the experience gained by the most demanding companies in the world, such as the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. A similar technology is used in military machines, where brake pads are also used. Carbone Lorraine brake pads are used by rally teams at the highest world level.

High performance in all conditions

High-quality Carbone Lorraine brake pads provide minimal friction surface loss for a more accurate feel. They are also suitable for use in cars without brake booster. The temperature curve of all compounds is extremely flat, thanks to which the brake pads provide very high braking power, even at low temperatures. The advantage is also the price and ease of assembly of the brake pads with all the mounting hardware included.

Ask us a question

Our offer includes CL brake pads adapted to almost every car. If you have any questions, please contact us , we will help you find the right brake pads for your car. You may also be interested in braided brake hoses from Black Diamond or Goodridge manufacturers.

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