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Upgrade your braking system

Since the beginning of electricity, copper has been used to build various systems, not only electrical. It is known as a solid, high-strength material. Copper wires are also used in motorsport. The copper wire has been used in the construction of the braking system. In our store you will find copper brake lines adapted to the construction of the braking system.

Tips and cable to build the brake system

In addition, we have entire sets for building a complete braking system, which include not only copper brake lines, but also a tee, clamps for the brake line as well as male and female ends and banjo bolts with an alloy sensor. Brake copper cable is available in our store by the meter. Thanks to this, everyone can individually select the number of meters of copper wire.

Ask us a question

If you have any questions for us, please contact us . Also check the brake master cylinders and brake force correctors . In Inter-Rally you will find copper wires and terminals from IRP and a banjo screw with a Goodridge alloy sensor.

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