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A wide selection of switches

ON/OFF switches with warning lights (LEDs) warn the driver of potential problems with the car. Different colored beacons are used to alert you to problems such as low oil pressure, too high water temperature or low battery voltage. Switches equipped with an LED clearly indicate which devices are currently in use, additional aviation covers allow for quick shutdown and at the same time protect against accidental activation.

Speed up your reaction time

ON/OFF switches are an important element of rally car equipment. Thanks to the ON/OFF switches, the response time of the crew to potential danger is shortened. ON/OFF switches are the perfect solution to control various systems in the car, which can make the difference to victory.

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In our offer you will find ON / OFF switches from global manufacturers of motorsport devices RRS and IRP . If you have any questions for us, please contact us . Also check start panels as well as start buttons .

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