Fire Extinguishers Systems Accessories

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Expand your extinguishing system

Extinguishing systems consist of many components, so some components wear out over time. Accessories for extinguishing systems are also designed to extend an existing extinguishing system. Nozzles, hose covers, hoses and connectors are accessories of the extinguishing system that are necessary to build a system that ensures high level of safety.

A wide range of accessories for extinguishing systems

Accessories for FIA extinguishing systems such as handles, ropes, switches and anti-torpedo adapters provide control over the extinguishing system. Typical accessories for electric fire extinguishing systems, such as a control panel, an external button or electric wires, can be found in our offer. In addition, we have accessories for fire extinguishing systems, such as cylinder mounts or cable covers, or a rubber cover for the switch. At Inter-Rally, we have accessories for fire extinguishing systems from IRP , RRS , Sparco and OMP . Also check fire extinguishing systems .

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