Window Nets

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Increase the level of security

Window nets are a mandatory element of car equipment, so they are also required by the FIA federation. FIA window screens are the individual choice of a rally team. Despite their inconspicuous appearance, window nets play a very important role in motorsport. Namely, FIA window nets protect the driver's hands during rollovers or other equally dangerous accidents. They prevent the driver's hands from getting out of the window, which could crush, break or even lose the driver's hands, which would end his sports career.

A large selection of window screens

Despite the fact that FIA window nets are mandatory, for your own safety it would be worth having them even if there is no obligation. Out of concern for the safety of the rally car crew, Inter-Rally offers a wide range of FIA window screens. FIA window nets of various sizes allow you to adjust them to your individual needs.

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If you have any questions for us, please contact us . We have solid window nets made of the best quality materials from the manufacturers OMP , QSP , RRS , Schroth and Sparco . Also check out polycarbonate windows .

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