Carbon elements

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Carbon fiber elements

Carbon or carbon fiber is a unique material in every respect: extremely durable, lightweight, with a unique, prestigious look. Even 40 years ago, only military centers and NASA had access to it. Carbon fiber is a material up to 5 times stronger than steel (at the same weight of the element). Carbon fiber has its application in motorsport due to its extraordinary properties.

A large selection of carbon elements

We have a wide range of carbon elements for rally cars of various brands. Elements made of carbon fiber, such as pedal covers, a cuvette for the pilot's feet, carbon handle pads or carbon panels, apart from reducing weight, add character and elegance to the interior of the car. The lightness and strength of carbon elements makes the number of carbon elements for sports cars huge. The carbon fiber elements that we have at our disposal are also a carbon battery container, a spare wheel base, as well as elements such as a carbon fiber roof air intake, a carbon roll cage cover or a protective plate for the engine. At Inter-Rally, we have carbon elements from Sparco , RRS , OMP , QSP , OBP , IRP and CarbonTec manufacturers .

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