Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

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Take care of your engine

QSP magnetic oil drain plugs are CNC machined from high-quality 6061 aluminum. The magnetic oil plugs are equipped with an aluminum gasket to prevent leakage. It should be cleaned thoroughly each time the oil is changed. The neodymium magnet in the QSP magnetic oil plugs has a very high attraction force, thanks to which it captures various types of filings that could damage the engine or adversely affect its operation.

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Pollution-free lubrication system

A hole has been drilled in the nut of the QSP oil plug for securing additional protection against self-loosening. The magnetic QSP oil drain plug captures even microscopic metal filings that were not caught by the oil filter. The magnetic QSP oil plug is indispensable in sports engines where there is an increased wear of the metal parts of the engine. Our offer includes high-quality, solidly constructed magnetic oil drain plugs from the manufacturer QSP.


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