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Find the right Steering Wheel Hub

Every rally car needs the right steering wheel. Consequently, it also needs an acquisition connecting the rally steering wheel with the steering column. The steering wheel adapter is necessary to install the replacement steering wheel in your car. The OMP Handlebar Nap is designed to offset the handlebars and reposition them for an even better driving position.


Top quality Steering Wheel Hubs

Buy OMP products are of the highest quality. In addition, the purchases of the Italian company OMP come from a leading manufacturer of motorsport equipment. All OMP purchases in our store have the same mounting system, 6 bolts 70mm apart and are compatible with every handlebar from our offer. The purchases are intended for cars with and without an airbag.

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If you have a problem with finding a purchase that fits your car, contact us , we will help you choose the right one. Also check out racing wheels or tuning wheels .