Quick Release Hubs

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Remove the Steering Wheel with one hand movement

It happens that a rally car has many protections, such as extensive safety cages or simply its construction does not allow for very free movement. This means that the driver is often blocked in the car by the steering wheel and leaving it requires effort in the form of moving the seat away. With such situations in mind, Quick Release boots were designed.


Wide selection of Quick Release nabs

The Quick Release is designed to make it easier for the driver to quickly remove the steering wheel and leave the car without effort. Quick Release nabs allows you to remove the handlebars with one simple movement of the hand. In Inter-Rally there are Quick Release with different bolt spacing for different handlebars. The quick releases are made of steel or aluminum. We have Quick Release cartridges from Sparco , OMP , RRS , QSP as well as Lifeline , D1 Spec and SPA design .


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