Steering wheel spacers

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Find the right Steering Wheel distance!

Every rally car needs the right steering wheel. Hence, it also needs a steering wheel spacer, thanks to which it can easily adjust the steering wheel offset. Our store's offer includes handlebar spacers with the possibility of offsetting it from 10mm to 200mm! Compatible with most popular handlebars!


Top quality steering wheel spacers

We offer spacers from the highest quality manufacturers OMP, MOMO, SPARCO, QSP and IRP. Made of high-quality aluminum, thanks to which these products guarantee durability. Our store also offers sets of long bolts, which are mandatory equipment when buying new handlebar spacers.


Ask us a question

If you have a problem with finding a steering wheel spacer that fits your car, please contact us , we will help you choose the right one. Also check out racing wheels or tuning wheels .

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