Pedal Sets

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Find pedal covers for your car

To give the car interior a more sporty character and appearance, pedal covers can be used to replace the standard rubber ones. Pedal covers, in addition to aesthetic issues, also provide a better feel of the clutch, brake and gas pedals. Pedal covers are made of various materials such as aluminum, steel or carbon and have an additional non-slip surface.

A large selection of pedal covers

Our offer also includes overlays dedicated to cars with automatic transmission, which have only two pedals. When choosing the right pedal covers, the number of pedals is important, as well as the shape of the original accelerator pedal, which varies in length in some cars.

Ask us a question

If you have any questions for us, please contact us . We will help you choose the right overlays for your car. In the Inter-Rally offer you will find pedal covers from manufacturers such as RRS , OMP and Sparco . Also check the gear knobs .

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