Wheel Spacers

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Improve the handling and appearance of your car

Wheel spacers are necessary when installing aftermarket rims. They increase the wheelbase, thanks to which they give character to the appearance of the car. In addition, the wheel spacing allows for a wide spacing, which means that properly selected widening spacers improve the driving characteristics of the car. The car becomes more stable over the distance of the wheel, making it easier to corner. Wheel spacers are perfect for motorsport.

High quality widening spacers

In our offer you will find aluminum wheel spacers in any thickness, in any bolt spacing, with variable bolt spacing, even with variable centering holes.

Ask us a question

Because we have a huge selection of configurations, thicknesses, bolt spacing, centering holes, we approach each order individually, each set of spacers is made at the customer's special request. Wheel spacers for almost every car model can be found at Inter-Rally. If you have any questions, please contact us , we will help you choose the right spacers and bolts from the category: Wheels .