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Rally underwear with FIA homologation

Rally underwear is a very important element of the driver's and co-driver's equipment. For safety reasons, FIA rally underwear must be made of non-combustible materials such as Nomex or Viscose. We only have sets of rally underwear that have FIA homologation. Racing underwear is fireproof and provides comfort at the highest level.

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The FIA rally underwear set is a complement to the protection provided by the suit and separates the body from the rally suit , while absorbing sweat, therefore the FIA rally underwear also maintains a high level of hygiene. Higher models of FIA rally underwear sets are made of materials that increase air circulation, which further improves the comfort of use. Sparco has in its range of underwear from the X-Cool series, which provides additional cooling and a feeling of freshness. The FIA Underwear Set includes Underpants, Turtleneck, Socks and Balaclava.

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If you have any questions for us, please contact us . We will help you choose the right set of underwear. The Inter-Rally offer includes sets of rally underwear with FIA approval from manufacturers such as OMP , RRS , Sabelt , Alpinestars and Sparco .

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