Silicon Hose Kit

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One cable - many uses

Silicone hose kits are able to withstand much harsher conditions and last longer than conventional rubber hoses, making silicone hoses ideal for use in motorsports. Silicone hose has many applications in sports car modifications, such as radiator pipes, turbo hoses, vacuum hoses, intake, oil or fuel system pipes. A huge selection of pipes, elbows, reducers, tees and connectors gives you the opportunity to expand the intake system.

Silicone hoses with internal reinforcement

Silicone hose sets in our offer have additional internal polyester reinforcement. Thanks to this, silicone hoses are much more durable than their rubber counterparts. The refrigerant hose is thicker than the classic silicone hose. A set of silicone hoses is high quality at an affordable price. The whole set of silicone hoses saves you money and no worries about hose incompatibility. We have a wide range of silicone hose kits. Match the set of silicone hoses to your car!

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