Cooling System accessories

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Cooling system accessories

Oil coolers, like all other important parts of the car, must be properly installed in order to work properly. Cooling system accessories for radiator mounting are extremely important to firmly fix the radiator and provide maximum protection from external damage. At Inter-Rally we have a wide range of accessories for the cooling system. Oil filter bases with various threads, mounting adapter, remote mounting head or base nipple are accessories necessary to assemble the oil filter with its base.

Oil cooler assembly components

In addition, accessories for the cooling system such as mountings, thermostat, radiator cushion and adapters will prove themselves in the solid installation of the oil cooler. In our offer you will also find a radiator air supply kit, which is an ideal solution when the air flow is limited due to the location of the radiator itself. In addition, we offer a wide range of connectors, elbows, adapters, ends, reducers, necessary for the installation of an oil cooling system.

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At Inter-Rally, we have accessories for the cooling system of high-quality brands such as GOODRIDGE , MOCAL , AEROQUIP , GATES , Setrab , Turboworks and Auto Gauge . If you have any questions for us, please contact us . Also check K&N oil cooler kits and oil filters in the Cooling System category.