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Compatibility in every way

Oil coolers are commonly used to cool engine oil, transmission oil, differentials and power steering. At high temperatures, the oil overheats and loses its value. Oil cooler kits are designed to prevent incompatibility of the cooler and assembly components. Oil cooler kits are a complete set of elements that will allow you to mount the radiator solidly, without the need to add other parts.

PRO and ECO sets

In our offer you will find oil cooler kits by Mocal in the pro and eco version. The MOCAL pro oil cooler kit is a high quality kit made in the UK, combining performance and durability. The MOCAL PRO oil cooling kit includes everything necessary to connect the radiator. It is recommended for larger engines. On the other hand, the MOCAL ECO oil cooler set is our proposal for players with a limited budget. The Mocal Eco oil cooling kit is a popular choice for smaller engines.

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