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The Heat electric heater is most often used to optimize the weight of the car in order to increase its efficiency and speed. Choosing the right model has a huge impact on the characteristics of the car and is extremely important already at the stage of building a rally or racing car. Be sure to check which parameters are worth paying attention to and which of them will ensure working conditions that best meet your expectations!

What are heaters for?

The electric heater is an element of the cooling system whose task is to raise the temperature inside the vehicle and prevent the windows from fogging up. It is mounted inside the cabin right behind the dashboard. The principle of operation of car heaters is relatively simple. It consists in increasing the temperature of the air that enters the heater while driving, and then using it to heat the interior of the vehicle.

The fans that are part of the heater are responsible for the free flow of air to the ventilation ducts. One of the most popular types of heaters are electric models. Thanks to them, it is possible to warm up the car much faster. Especially when we just started the engine and it runs at low revs.

Advantages of an electric heater

Electric heaters are irreplaceable wherever it is necessary to quickly heat a small space. Almost from the moment of starting work, they release hot air, which, thanks to the built-in fans, is quickly emitted to the surface that we want to heat. The most important advantages of an electric car heater include:

  • no system / cooling liquids in the cabin, thanks to which it ensures safety,
  • ease of use,
  • the possibility of continuous operation without fear of failure or explosion.

Types of car heaters

A car heater is a device that can be divided into several types. Some models have a built-in heater, which is powered by the electrical system, and whose task is to heat the air emitted to the interior of the vehicle when the temperature of the coolant is too low. Such a situation may occur e.g. immediately after starting the engine.

Top quality 12V electric heaters

The 12V electric heater is a high-quality device with high efficiency for its class. It not only guarantees optimal circulation of warm air that heats the interior of the vehicle, but also gives full control over it using built-in valves that regulate rotation. The 12V electric heater also has a compact size, thanks to which it will reduce the weight of the vehicle. This is extremely important, especially when we build a rally or racing car. It is also a device with high work intensity, guaranteeing almost twice as much heating power as a classic cooler of this size. The 12V electric car heater also has a built-in four-speed fan for the best air emission. Bet on proven solutions!

Top quality electric heaters

Racing heaters are mainly used to reduce the weight of the car. Therefore, in motorsport, a rally heater is of particular importance when building a rally or racing car. We have racing heaters in two versions to match the heater to the individual needs of the customer. In our offer you will find highly effective aluminum heaters, powered by coolant, as well as electric heaters.

Reduce the weight of your car by up to 10 kg!

In addition to the rally heaters, we offer all the necessary elements for assembly, wires, air vents, valves, knobs, etc. However, it should be remembered that the assembly of the rally heater as well as the entire set of the light cabin heating system always involves a lot of modifications necessary to be made, because these are universal elements that are not assigned to any specific car model. Installation of such a set of light rally heater saves in some cases over 10kg of weight!

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