Radiator PWR

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Size adapted to each car

PWR Series 19 Sport Power Steering Coolers are coolers for power steering fluid, transmission oil or differential oil. These small power steering coolers are characterized by high efficiency in their small dimensions. Although they are small in size, only 19mm thick, they perfectly reflect high temperature. This design of the power steering cooler works well where space is limited. PWR power steering coolers are therefore suitable for almost every car.

Simple construction, easy assembly, high quality

As power steering fluid coolers, they are particularly often used in drifting where the steering system works in extreme conditions. Thanks to the PWR power steering cooler, the driver is assured of high-quality cooling of the power steering fluid. The advantage of the PWR power steering cooler is its simple design and easy installation. In addition, the PWR power steering fluid cooler is of high quality. It is she who makes the radiators of the Australian manufacturer used in motorsport around the world.

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