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Different types of push on tips

The Push on system is a modern solution of self-locking hoses designed for assembly with special fittings. The advantage of this system is that there is no need to use bands or clamps, which saves space and money. The Inter-Rally offer includes push-on hoses as well as push-on fittings and fittings.

Push-on reliability

Push-on fittings and fittings are mounted by pressing them into the hose. The notches of the push on tip are specially profiled, which prevents the tip from slipping out of the push on hose. In addition, the construction of the push on braid is designed in such a way that as the pressure increases, the push on terminal is tightened even more creating a solid connection. Due to their specific operation, push-on hoses, as well as push-on fittings and fittings, are not recommended for braking systems and systems with pulsating pressure. A wide selection of push-on fittings and fittings as well as push-on hoses from Aeroquip can be found in our offer.

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