Alloy Hose Joiner

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Reliable and universal

Aluminum pipes can withstand much more severe conditions and last longer than conventional plastic pipes. In addition, aluminum pipes do not collapse, do not break and, most importantly, ensure perfect tightness in all conditions. Aluminum pipes are light and easy to install, ensuring comfort of use at the same time. The versatility of aluminum pipes and their high quality make them very often used by rally teams.


Endless possibilities

Aluminum pipes can be used as: radiator pipes, turbo pipes, intake system pipes. A huge selection of aluminum pipes, elbows, reductions, tees and fittings gives unlimited expansion options for any intake system. Each tube in our offer is made of high-quality aluminum. Aluminum pipes in our offer have been designed with motorsports in mind.


Ask us a question

We have aluminum pipes as well as elbows, reductions, tees and connectors from global manufacturers of accessories for motorsport QSP and TurboWorks . If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us . Also check out silicone hoses and choose something for yourself!