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Sports air filters are characterized by an increase in power, improved engine sound and the possibility of multiple use. Performance car filters are also a great solution for your everyday car to get a little extra power from the engine.

K&N Air Filters

K&N air filters are very popular products straight from sunny California. The company collaborates with Nascar to develop technologies to improve the performance of serial and sports cars. K&N solutions can be easily adapted to your model, because they offer thousands of different products for almost all brands. Thanks to the branch located in England and the Netherlands, the offer is rich in solutions for European cars.

The distinctive burgundy color of the ribs and an orange-red logo are a coveted element under the hood among tuners. Each filter or the entire intake system is the result of the work of engineers with great experience. They perform a 3D scan of the engine compartment to best match the new filter. Their products guarantee an increase in power from 7 to 30 HP, thanks to the increased air flow and more efficient inlet design. After the modification, each model is placed on the dynamometer in order to measure the real power increase.

K&N filters are designed not only for sports cars. Anyone who wants to get a few additional horses from their engine can decide on the product. At K&N, the emphasis is just as strong on performance as it is on daily use in a variety of conditions.

Cabin Filters for Cars

Cabin filters are used to clean the air that enters the interior through air supply directly from the street. It is very important for your health and that of your passengers to replace it regularly. We are talking here both about heating, cooling and air conditioning. The cabin air filter works continuously to keep the car smells clean and the air clean.

K&N cabin filters are electrostatically charged - they keep mold, fungus, dust and germs out. They are reusable. How? For example, after one year of use, this filter is enough to take it out of the car, wash it under water to remove visible dirt or with the use of special chemicals from the manufacturer. After drying, they are ready for further use!

K&N Panel Air Filters

Panel filters are aftermarket products that replace the factory air filter. They fit perfectly into the existing box in the intake system. It is enough to select the model, make and year of the car, and the filter can be replaced exactly like a factory replacement.

Thanks to the technology that is used in sports air filters, not only does their flow rate increase, but we also have the option of repeated cleaning instead of replacing it. This is due to the use of many layers of cotton with an aluminum mesh. This solution does not oblige the driver to replace the entire intake system, as it can be expensive.

Air Filters - Sports Car

Sports air filters are the perfect solution for people who completely modify their car. The factory intake does not work after the engine has been supercharged. Aftermarket manufacturers have products that can be matched to many different turbo settings. They even offer full intake systems in a variety of configurations, along with cans that isolate the filters from the rest of the engine. This allows the intake of the cleanest and coolest air, which is very important in supercharged engines.

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