Fuel pump

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An electric fuel pump sucks fuel from the fuel tank and delivers it under pressure to the injectors, which transfer it to the engine's cylinders. Her work is uncomplicated, yet extremely important. Due to contact with the fuel and as a result of intensive work, the fuel pump also fails. It is most commonly damaged by contamination of the fuel tank with dirt or rust, as well as loose connections, insufficient grounding or too low voltage in the pump.

The fuel pump does not have to fail

If we notice a lack of response from the engine, its stalling, jerking when accelerating, insufficient power while driving, abnormal sounds or generally poor driving comfort, this may indicate a fault in the fuel pump.

In order for the fuel pump to work as long as possible, it is worth keeping the fuel system and the pump itself in good condition, and not driving on an almost empty fuel tank. Fuel should be of good quality and high octane. The quality of fuel filters, hoses and electrical connections is also important.

If all that fails, we have the perfect fuel pumps!

Efficient performance fuel pumps

The fuel pumps we offer are designed for engines with increased power. Sport fuel pumps feature higher fuel flow, which affects performance. Thanks to this, the engine operating at high revs has the right amount of fuel. In motorsport, the usual fuel pumps are replaced by higher capacity pumps. Our offer includes sports, efficient fuel pumps for internal and external installation. So we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer and choose the best pump model for your car!

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