HANS Devices

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Head and neck protection in an accident

Head and neck protection systems such as collars can save lives. During a collision, they perfectly protect the most important and most sensitive parts of the human body. Inter-Rally offers a range of products to protect against whiplash injuries from the neck in a crash, reducing the risk of injury.

Large selection of HANS flanges

HANS collars are devices that provide the highest level of protection, absorb the impact energy. The FIA federation has repeatedly awarded HANS collars for outstanding reliability and protection during the most dangerous routes. In our offer, apart from HANS flanges, we also have accessories for HANS flanges in the form of HANS flange clips and straps. This allows you to replace worn parts without having to purchase a new flange.

Ask us a question

If you have any questions, please contact us , we will help you choose the right size. At Inter-Rally, we offer a wide range of HANS flanges from Schroth and Stand21 . Also check out racing helmets .

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