S3 Mk1 Typ 8L 4WD (1999-2003)

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1. Find the sleeve number on the diagram.

2. The numbers can be found in the name and description of the goods.

3. In case of problems with the selection, please contact us.

  • PFF85-412 fit aluminum link rods, PFF85-413 fit plastic link rods, they do not fit link rods using ball joints.
  • On the front wishbones the later cars have a larger 45mm bush, in this case please use PFF3-501. For earlier cars with a 30mm bush please use PFF85-201.
  • PFF85-414 Is for Race use and is a rose joint type bush.
  • PFR3-510G offers on-car Camber adjustment, for non adjustable bush use PFR3-510.