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Heavy Duty Coolers

In our store you will find high-quality oil coolers suitable for your car. Oil coolers are commonly used to cool engine oil, transmission oil, differentials and power steering. We offer highly effective aluminum oil coolers, such as from Mocal. Mocal oil coolers are also available in the Heavy Duty version. Mocal Heavy Duty oil coolers are the highest quality products, adapted to the most extreme conditions.

Bet on unprecedented durability

Standard oil coolers have a working pressure of 10.3 Bar, while the Mocal Heavy Duty series oil coolers easily withstand working pressures up to 12.5 Bar! This is possible thanks to the specially reinforced, all-aluminum construction of the Mocal oil cooler. The installation of an oil cooler allows the oil temperature to be lowered very effectively, which has a positive effect on performance. We offer a wide range of sizes from 7 up to 60 cores! The Heavy Duty version is a radiator with a slightly different design, it has ribbing over the entire surface and not only on the core, it is additionally made of aluminum alloy with greater resistance to mechanical damage.

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