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Pedal Boxes of the highest quality

OBP pedal boxes have been designed as universal devices for racing rally and racing cars. Developed for easy installation, the pedal boxes adapt to any floor and use the original angle of the floor plate, this allows the pumps to be freely mounted, meaning no cutting or welding is required. The Pedal Box is a replacement for the stock car pedals. The OBP brand met the requirements of rally drivers by developing Pedal boxes for even the most demanding customers.

Find a Pedal Box for your car

The OBP Pedal Box is made of lightweight steel and comes with anti-slip pads for the brake and clutch. The gas pedal has fasteners for connecting the gas cable. Each Pedal Box comes with three pedals and is available with a manual or hydraulic clutch. The OBP Pedal Box is the perfect solution for rally drivers. In our offer you will find pedal boxes, both dedicated and universal, adapted to almost every car model.

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