AP sports suspensions!

AP sports suspensions!


Our offer includes a full range of AP Sportfahrwerke products. Lowering springs, shock absorbers, kits and coilover suspensions. A large selection of products for various car models.




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AP springs are the most popular product in the company's range. The lowering of the center of gravity provides more direct handling and even more driving fun, it also reduces body roll for more precise cornering and shorter braking distances.

The main advantages of AP lowering springs:
- Lowering the car's center of gravity
- Increased steering precision
- Progressive spring construction
- High-strength chrome-silicon steel alloy
- Improved visual appearance by lowering the car




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AP sports shock absorbers complement the AP lowering springs, they work perfectly with them, ensuring precise handling. Each AP damper is specially formulated to ensure optimal performance while maintaining excellent ride control. Thanks to this, the AP shock absorbers are perfect for public roads as well as for heavy routes during the race.

The main advantages of AP sports shock absorbers:
- Perfect cooperation with AP springs
- Can be used with series springs
- Optimum performance with excellent driving control
- Increased service life and better stability




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The AP sports suspension kit is a combination of AP lowering springs and shock absorbers. The AP sports suspension improves the car's response to sudden steering movements, reduces under- or oversteer effects and reduces body roll without compromising ride quality.

The main advantages of the AP suspension kit:
- Coordinated springs and shock absorbers
- Precise handling, excellent driving dynamics, comfort
- Lowering a maximum of 60 mm (depending on the model)
- AP progressive lowering springs + AP shock absorbers





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The AP threaded suspension kit allows you to adjust the height, thanks to which you can efficiently adjust the height of the car suspension to the type of surface. The AP coilover suspension offers an optimal fit of sportiness, comfort and safety to your vehicle.

The main advantages of the AP coilover suspension kit:
- Adjusting the lowering of the car 10-70 mm (depending on the model)
- Covered with an anti-corrosive coating
- Regulatory range tested by TÜV
- Great value for money
- 2 years warranty