Mondeo (2000-2007)

( ilość produktów: 9 )



1. Odszukaj numer tulejki na diagramie.

2. Numery znajdziesz w nazwie i opisie towaru.

3. W razie problemów z doborem skontaktuj się z nami.


  • PFF19-1303 fits anti-roll bars with flats pressed into the bar where bush locates.
  • PFF19-1304-19 fits ST models.
  • Please check the design of rear anti-roll bar, use either PFR19-905-* or PFR19-1316-*.
  • PFR19-910 and PFR19-905-* fit saloon and hatch models only. They will not fit ESTATE VERSIONS.
  • The original rubber rear subframe bush becomes unbonded from the subframe which can lead to rear-end knocking and is an MOT failure. PFR19-910 is an easy and cost-effective fix for this problem.