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Powerful Mocal oil coolers

Oil coolers are commonly used to cool engine oil, transmission oil, differentials and power steering. At high temperatures, the oil overheats and loses its value. Oil coolers are designed to prevent this phenomenon while increasing performance. The use of an oil cooler makes the engine work properly even in the most demanding sections of the rally.

Large selection of Mocal oil coolers

We offer aluminum oil coolers, highly effective, made by Mocal, also in the reinforced Heavy Duty version. The Mocal oil cooler is successfully used in motorsport. The high-performance Mocal oil cooler is pressure-resistant and robustly constructed. In addition, the Mocal oil cooler, thanks to a well-thought-out core spacing, ensures adequate oil cooling in difficult conditions.

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We have radiator sizes from 7 up to 60 cores! In addition, the width of the cores from 115mm to 310mm, which makes it possible to fit the radiator to almost any car. If you have any questions for us, please contact us . We will help you choose the right cooler. Also check out refrigeration system accessories in the category: Cooling system .